Rudi Jensen, Water Superintendent

P.O. Box 727
Crivitz, WI  54114
Office 715-854-2030
Cell 715-927-2359





Consumer Confidence Report

Each year the Crivitz Water Utility must prepare a Consumer Confidence Report to assure customers that the water being distributed to their homes and businesses is safe.  This is a requirement of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Please click here to view the Consumer Confidence Report for 2018 online. This link will open in a new window. Copies of the report will not be mailed, but are available upon request by contacting the Clerk's office at (715)854-2030.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the information contained in the report, please contact Rudi Jensen, Water Superintendent at (715)927-2359.

Dated June 27, 2019.
Marilyn L. Padgett


Wellhead Protection Plan

The Crivitz Water Utility's Wellhead Protection Plan for Wells #1, #2, & #3, updated on 05/21/2019 and required by the WI Department of Natural Resources, may be viewed in a separate pdf file by
 clicking here.

Fire Hydrant Installation

Shown in the photo above are Public Works Supervisor Glen Franzen and Water Superintendent Rudi Jensen installing a new fire hydrant on Louisa Street at the baseball diamond.  Village of Crivitz Utilities staff are well educated and experienced at performing a variety of tasks that would otherwise have to be contracted, resulting in substantial savings for the utility and village taxpayers.